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Blake and Cass already booked? Never fear! Maple Creek’s little family has expanded into multiple duo acts you can select for your big day. 

Due to Cass and Blake being nearly fully booked out nearly 12 months in advance, they decided it was time to start a family….a little cute Maple Creek family. We now book 4 other fabulous duos for when our OG team are already booked for your day. They have been hand picked by Blake and Cass out of 100’s of duos around so that the hard part is done for you. You’ll still get to chat to Cass throughout the booking process and meet with her to discuss your day as well. 

All our duos work with the same packages that Cass & Blake do (which you can check out on the right). Once you have chosen your fav, please let us know and we will send you through a quote and availabilty asap!

Bobo & Jono

This joyous scoustic duo are based in the citay of Sydney. They first met whilst studying how to be rockstars at uni (aka music degrees). They started making this performing together thing official way back in 2016 after Jono rang to ask if Bobo would be keen to do some acoustic work. The rest is history. 

They’ve been the best of buds both muscially and personally ever since, so it’s no wonder they love performing regularly together at weddings and events. Jono recently said i-do himself, so he knows what’s it’s like to be on the otherside of the wedding planning! 

The duo includes Jono on guitar and lead vocal spread out between them both. Oh, and did we mention the sweet sweet harmonies these guys create together?? Check them out in their video above 😍

When you book their Complete Duo & DJ Package, you not only get these guys creating a soundtrack for your day but, also DJ Gus rocking the decks for the final hours of your reception – trust us, he’s the bomb. Gus can also be your MC on the night – another win. 

Get in touch today to hear more about Bobo & Jono’s making your day the best it can be. 

Danielle & Matty

Here comes the soul! Introducing Danielle and Matty – the feel good duo. These two have known each other for 13 years (wowza!) and met as members of a party band back in the day. 

When they’re not performing at weddings, they both work as original musicians too. 

These guys are all about the chill vibes, with the use of loop pedals, percussive guitar and honey dipped vocals. The atmopshere they create is the perfect blend between uplifting and chillaxed. 

Whether it’s a backyard wedding, or Luna Park, the Opera House, International Jaxx Festivals in Japan and the USA, this duo brings a wealth of experience to help make your day perfecto. 

If you book their Complete Duo & DJ Package – DJ Danielle is there to make that dance floor rocking at the end of the night. 


Tash and Kristina

Acoustic sister duo Tash and Kristina will add the perfect soulful sounds to your wedding day.

Offering a range of songs and styles to make sure you have the perfect sound for those perfect moments, we incorporate multiple instruments creating variety within our sets. We are passionate about music, and creating the desired atmosphere and environment for your day, working closely with you to ensure it’s achieved.

As sisters, we are able to bounce off each other and have a natural sound that only siblings can produce. The sibling blend, and having played music together our entire lives means that we are a solid team. Two female voices, with multiple instruments (guitars, keyboard and cajon – drum box and other percussion), is something that isn’t actually that common for duos! This sets us apart from many others out there.


DJ Azxure (Kristie)

If you have chosen Tash and Kristina for your Complete Duo & DJ Package,  Kristie will be your DJ 🙂 

AZXURE brings a true energy of her love and passion for music every time she hits the stage. From being an experienced singer and trained music expert, to having released original songs on all music outlets, to DJing at many well-known places across Sydney, you can guarantee she will always bring the vibe that you are after. AZXURE is well experienced in many genres, with R&B and Hip-Hop being her speciality, she is also extremely versatile. From House music to Top 40 Commercial hits, 80s, 90s, whichever era -you name it – she can do it. She is able to adapt to any event or function that you may need. Whether it is an event for a nightclub, bar/restaurant, corporate event, formal/social, birthday party, or any other celebration. AZXURE has taken to the stage at many venues such as Home Bar Sydney, Tokio Hotel – The Wall, Glebe’s Bed Bar – Curi. She was also lucky enough to have a 2-month residency at Blackbird Café Darling Harbour, where she DJ’s on a weekly basis for the restaurant, and all functions including parties, school formals and socials. With AZXURE’s heart and soul fully within music, you know that she is extremely dedicated to her craft, always striving to learn new skills and immerse herself within a new style or trying something new. In her spare time she’s either working on a fresh mix, writing a new tune, or creating a crowd pleasing set for her next gig.

Learn more about Kristie here. 


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