So this is where people normally share awkward third person bios that they actually wrote themselves. 

We like to keep things real, however, so let’s skip that weirdness and get to the good stuff. We’ve been singing together since we started dating. From the very beginning it felt so natural – we knew it was going to be “our thing”. And while we started as an acoustic duo doing Sydney pub gigs for a pretty long time, I (Cassie – hi!) always knew I wanted to move into weddings. After all, as a couple obsessed with music who get to play music that helps other couples celebrate one of the happiest days of their life… does it get any better? #dreamjob

Meet the voices (and hearts!) of Maple Creek

Cassie Colless, Singer | MC | DJ | Manager, Maple Creek Music


Singer | MC | DJ | Manager

Oh hey! I’m Cassie, the girl you’ll be speaking to along your Maple Creek journey. I’m a hopeless romantic so getting to spend my ‘work’ days singing at weddings is a dream come true. I’m one half of our duo; MC all our weddings; and also whip out the DJ decks on occasion. I don’t have a wicked DJ name yet, so I am open to suggestions – DJ Cass the Sass, is on the “table” (pun intended).

Fave Food? Sushi (savoury) and chocolate (sweet). Still waiting for a chocolate sushi to become a thing.
First concert? Delta Goodrem (hardcore, right?)
Hidden talent? Balloon Animals and face painting (Spiderman and Butterflies only, please!)
Guilty pleasure? Enjoying a family sized pack of something… without the family 😉
Fave music genres? Musical theatre, funk, plus all the genres except heavy metal/screamo (those poor vocal chords!)
What do you love most about weddings? Aaaaaall of it. I love that it’s literally a day about love and it’s a beautiful thing to call it my job.

Blake Dantier | Singer | Guitarist | Musical Director, Maple Creek Music


Singer | Guitarist | Musical Director

Hey, I’m Blake – the axe man here at Maple Creek. I also share the singing with Cass, arrange your song requests for acoustic guitar and vocals and operate the PA. I’ve been gigging since I was a teenager; playing everything from funk to prog metal to country and mixing it at the sound desk too. We love exploring various genres with Maple Creek (ok, maybe not metal!) because everybody has different tastes and it’s exciting to put together a unique setlist for each wedding.

Fave Food? Thai food is pretty good, but so is Chinese… then there’s Mexican and we can’t forget KFC. Let’s just call it a tie.
Hidden talent? I flip a mean burger!
Guilty pleasure? Listening to Taylor Swift songs.
First concert? IRON MAIDEN!
Fave music genres? Country, my numero uno. Then pretty much everything else
What part do you love most about weddings? When errybody be cutting up the dance floor. Or when dessert is served. Both have a special place in my heart.

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